The Collective Blue was birthed from the idea of global immersion and the desire to create spaces that reflect blended influences from the African diaspora and her eye for minimalist aesthetic. Chloe comes from a family of artists. Her father was a dancer in the national Congolese dance troupe, and her mother took to visual arts. While growing up in Niger, she'd watch her mother work with local artisans in Niger to design custom furniture, clothing, and jewelry and she developed a love of her own for working with local vendors and creating for storytelling.  Through her vision for The Collective Blue, Chloe draws on the textures and African influences that have been staples in her life.  


International Chic with a Unique Touch.


Our home decor collection features unique hand-painted patterns inspired by modern aesthetic using eco-friendly water-based inks. Our vision for this collection is to spread positive energy, and to allow clients to be selective of the energy the choose to invite. 

We welcome private commissions, collaborations and custom orders  of our textile designs. Our line of home goods is ever-evolving and looking to expand. We create custom pattern designs and home goods for like-minded retailers, brands and private clients. Please contact us with project details to get the process started.